Unlocking Radiance: Understanding the Three Essential Layers of Skin

Unlocking Radiance: Understanding the Three Essential Layers of Skin


In our quest for radiant and healthy skin, understanding its anatomy and physiology is crucial. This skin is not merely a superficial layer but a complex organ with 3 distinct layers designed to provide protection, prevent loss of moisture, reduce harmful effects of UV radiation, regulate temperature, and provide a protective barrier to deflect infections.  As you understand the function of skin, you will understand the process of skincare product application and what we must do in order to allow products to penetrate those layers of skin for ultimate hydration.Let’s dive into those three layers of skin:

Epidermis: Outer layer of the skin

Function: This layer continuously make new skins. As a baby, this process occurs daily but as we age the skin cell turnover rate decreases and dead cells remain on the skin longer. Your body creates new skin approximately every 30 days. This turnover process is essential for maintaining skin health and radiance

  • Protection- shields the body from harmful UV radiation, pathogens, and pollutants. It is made of the protein, Keratin and prevent germs and bacteria from entering the skin and protecting the skin against environmental hazards. 
  • Hydration- specialized cells create melanin which gives skin color and protect skin against UV damage by absorbing and dissipating UV radiation
  • Application of skin care products:  topical treatments and moisturizers can penetrate and potentiate their effect in healthy skin. 

Dermis: Nourishing your radiance


  • Protection- reinforces the skin’s resilience
  • Hydration- keep skin flexible and and allows stretched skin to go back in place through the protein, elastin. It also has oil glands to keep your skin soft and smooth. Blood vessels in this layer of skin supply nutrients and oxygen to the outer layer of skin 
  • Application of skin care products: Some ingredients can penetrate the outer layer of the skin and reach this layer to stimulate collagen production and provide antioxidants benefits. 

Hypodermis : Sustaining your radiance

The deeper layer of skin plays a crucial role in maintaining the body’s temperature , storing energy, and contribute to overall health and nourishment of the skin

  • Protection-  The deeper layer of  skin which made up of fat ells and connective tissues protect muscles and bones from injury, help nerves, and regulate body temperatures
  • Hydration- Adipose tissue stores in the form of fat cells and is metabolized to maintain hydration and plumpness. 
  • Application of skin care products- While skin care products do not directly target this layer, but healthy skin is maintained overall through proper hydration and nutrition. 

Conclusion: Understanding your three layers of the skin is the key to unlocking its natural radiance. It will also help you as a buyer in understanding what things you need to do to maintain the hydration of the skin and understanding the types of products which are essential to your skin’s hydration process. Being an informed buyer leads to saving  money and prioritizing skin care practice that lead to glowing, radiant skin. Are you ready to take this journey with us?


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